Episode 17: Cute Cat Pictures

It’s the first episode of 2017, and we’re already missing our release schedule. Whoopsadoodle. Highlights include:

  • What’s the best way to chill a beer fast? Seriously, if you know, please tell us.
  • The best of beers, the worst of beers. The surprisingest of beers?
  • Our TRUE celebrity (stalking) stories.

Episode 16: YouTube Clickbait

Hannah Moyer – from the Year One podcast – joins us for a tasting of some good ol’ fashioned gluten-free beer. Michael unwittingly indulges in biological experimentation. Highlights include:

  • No one dies.
  • Maybe we all should’ve drunk an Old Fashioned instead.
  • Michael’s very first pop culture reference.

Episode 15: Schweddy Balls

Matt Kelsey is back for a Highland Brewing takeover. And by that I mean he forced good beer on Michael, and we recorded our thoughts as we drank. Highlights include:

  • Matt T drinks beer with Noah Webster’s ghost.
  • Matt K’s best NPR voice.
  • So much blood orange you can taste it with your ear.
  • You can now tell your creepy home speakers to play Fogmatic.

Episode 14: Grown Up Grape Juice

Matt and Michael taste some good sour beer and talk through some actual research on the beer industry for once. And to reward you for making it through a long one last time, we even kept this one short. Highlights include:

  • Michigan is great, blah blah blah.
  • Michael’s debut vocal performance on the show.
  • Are home brew shops doomed?
  • Give us your thoughts on the acquisition of Northern Brewer! Tweet @fogmatic.

Episode 13: L. Rob’s Boot Slop

Dylan and Drew join us from The Worst Thing Ever podcast and wake us from our usual drowsiness. We had trouble fitting all the nerd talk into our normal 40 minutes, but we finally caught up on some neglected recipe-making. Highlights include:
  • Michael convinces people he knows who some sports guy is.
  • Lots of Tolkien references. Possibly too many.
  • The ultimate secret to making good beer.