Episode 6: Harps and Heineken

John and Jordan join us around the table to answer all your questions. Highlights include:

  • Idiots talking about color blindness
  • Boats
  • Is Anthony Bourdain’s real job to test calories?


Stuff from this episode:

More about our guest(s):

  • John Paul Paul is back!
  • Jordan ‘FBS’ Williams went to Belgium once

Breweries/beers from this episode:

Thanks to the listeners who sent in a question!

  • Kristin O’Hea (she’s pretty)
    • Is there coffee in coffee stouts? Why don’t they put it on the label?
  • Kirk Ross (our most outstanding fan)
  • JW Awkward
    • If you’re with a ‘beer person’, try a beer and super hate it, how do you communicate successfully that you don’t care for it?

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