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Fogmatic is a podcast about beer and its intersection with everyday life.

Real speak: We’re a couple of idiots who discuss beer and anything else that comes to mind, and hope that someone, somewhere in the world wants to listen. New episodes come out bi-weekly (so mark your calendars or subscribe to get the latest episodes at the links below).

In each episode we’ll do things like taste beer, make up absurd beer recipes, talk about news and coerce our friends into recording with us. Truthfully, it’s a joy and we hope you love it. If you don’t, send complaints to michael@fogmatic.com with “You Suck” in the subject line. He has a special inbox just for those emails.

About the Hosts

Michael Krewson

Michael is the brainchild behind Fogmatic. He also gave up a lucrative, if not, stressful life as an accountant to open a brewery in the bustling mecca that is Nolensville, TN. Michael promises not to shill his products too much on the show, though Matt makes no such guarantees.

You can find Michael on the internet here:

Twitter | InstagramUntappd | Mill Creek Brewing

Matt Thieleman

Matt has no idea why people would listen to him talk about anything in life, let alone beer. He hails from Detroit and will defend the city with extreme gusto when pushed. Matt pretends he knows about beer because he has homebrewed a few times without killing himself or anyone else. When not babbling incessantly on Fogmatic, Matt talks for days about the ways mindfulness can help make the world better. Consider yourself warned.

You can find Matt on the internet here:

TwitterInstagramUntappd | Golden Bristle

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