Episode 12: Bebop & Rocksteady

Jeff Mello is back to tell us about our good friend Brett (I know, low-hanging fruit on that joke)(Yeah, it refers to bacteria…). Highlights include:

  • Michael pitches alternative names for Bootleg Biology.
  • Why sour beers are deathly expensive.
  • We accidentally invent the world’s next great theme park.

Episode 11: Yeastie Boys

We test the limits of Einstein’s relativity by attempting to record in multiple states at once. Special guest Jeff Mello joins us to tell us everything you ever wanted to know about yeast. Highlights include:

  • Matt refuses to play by the tasting rules.
  • Jurassic Beer! (Minus, you know, all the man-eating).
  • How to slip your yeast past the TSA.

Episode 10: Dragonheart

Synchronicity is the word of the day, as Matt and Michael independently decide to indulge their geographical narcissism and blather on about Nashville and eventually even talk about beer. Highlights include:

  • Matt recalls the good old days of being a Pog overlord.
  • The Fogmatic Podcast Drinking Game is coming to you soon, just in time for Christmas (of, like, 2019).
  • Do you have a dragon? Seriously, we need to know.

Episode 9: Quinoa and Kale

Becky Hammond (of Mill Creek Brewing Co. fame, of course) joins us to talk about weird ingredients. Can she help us make less disgusting beers? Highlights include:
  • The best way to purchase all the Nutella from your local grocery store.
  • How many calories does Christmas taste like?
  • Michael spits out a drink that literally half the world actually kinda likes.
  • Is Dr. Pepper the sweet Pangaea of flavors?