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Episode 7: Thor’s Hammer

We talk IPAs, black coffee, non-existent coffee, what have you, AND we finally succumb to the oldest trick on the internet: the personality quiz. Highlights include:

  • Michael learns how to intro a podcast.
  • One of us may be a psychopath.
  • The truth about why Michael doesn’t answer Matt’s texts.

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Episode 6: Harps and Heineken

John and Jordan join us around the table to answer all your questions. Highlights include:

  • Idiots talking about color blindness
  • Boats
  • Is Anthony Bourdain’s real job to test calories?


Stuff from this episode:

More about our guest(s):

  • John Paul Paul is back!
  • Jordan ‘FBS’ Williams went to Belgium once

Episode 5: Jammy

Special guest Mike Morosi joins us this week to talk crowdfunding and the entry of big players into the home brew market. Highlights include:

  • A defense of Zach Braff’s career
  • Not your father’s ice beer
  • Michael drinks maybe a little too much gin and tonic

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Episode 4: Beerbots

Bear with us for a little longer on this one: we forgot to stop talking. Highlights include:

  • A raw admission of guilt and a laundry list of corrections
  • Beerbots?
  • A real expert finally judges the hell out of our fantastical recipes

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Episode 3.5: Motor Oil

A special short episode to get you through the long wait until the next real one! This is the first recipe Matt and Michael ever conjured from their imaginations, and we feel like we’ve referenced it enough in previous episodes we should probably just let you listen.

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