Episode 3: Bacon and Eggs

It’s hangover time here at Fogmatic HQ, but thankfully we avoided any real vomit and chose to stick with word vomit only. Highlights include:

  • A frank and necessary discussion of the hottest emerging trend in craft beer
  • The most unhelpful beer tasting ever
  • A new recipe that offers users the choice between breakfast and a tetanus shot

Episode 2: Like Our Bananas

Hey! It’s episode #2 of the Fogmatic podcast! We’re definitely hitting our stride. Questions/comments/praise/complaints, find us on Twitter @fogmatic. In this episode we:

  • Talk about the week in beer
  • Break down AB InBev’s purchase of Devils Backbone
  • Get all dogmatic on our bartenders
  • And make up a beer recipe that might actually be drinkable (bonus mention of Sufjan Stevens)

Episode 1: Mouthfeel

The inaugural episode of the Fogmatic podcast! We clearly know exactly what we’re doing, never ramble needlessly and are the world’s foremost experts on our own craft beer opinions. Highlights of this episode include:

  • A zero-time listener calling us out for pretentiousness
  • Some bad “that’s what she said” jokes
  • Dispelling some common craft beer myths
  • Fun with charred sawdust
  • And a special appearance by a guest beer taster. He’s super qualified because he has a beard.